Full Metal Poem

"Full Metal Poem seeks out and propagates things irreverent, pithy, punchy, short & concise, hard-hitting (subtle or otherwise) and all / everything so truly realized and accomplished as to be unassailable, indelible, and thus full metal. It doesn’t necessarily have to explode or go boom or bang. A Richard Brautigan poem can be a full metal poem; a Philip Whalen poem can be a full metal poem; a Basho poem can be absolute full metal. We have no problems with narrative or closure but appreciate it when we see poets testing the limits of those aspects. Poems that operate on multiple levels of perception & consciousness are of particular interest to us. Beauty & honesty are fine, especially if they are of the ravaged savage variety."

Contributions are currently by commission.

FMP is now for sale.
In Amsterdam at Athenaeum bookstore and the lovely Boekiewoekie
In Berlin you need to be at Motto Bookstore, wich has a great collection.
Or when in New York go to St. Marks.

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With sleek design and edit from Amsterdam and Hamburg, Full Metal Poem brings poetry, micro-fiction, art and photography between its irreverent covers.

FMP was launched June 2010
A tip of the veil; Issue #1 contains poetry by Cid Corman, Joanne Kyger, Simon Cutts, Rolf Dieter Brinkmann, Ron Padgett, Harris Schiff, John Wieners and drawings by the hand of John Casey

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taken of the publication

The team consists of graphic designer Floortje Bouwkamp, poetry editors Cralan Kelder & Mark Terrill, and contributing-on-all-fronts-editing-sage Eliza Newman-Saul.